Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This is almost as much hard work as being the worst president in history

We had a truncated Reading II class tonight, because Ms. L's 30-year-old son had a heart attack. He seems to be OK. As a guy over 30 with a heart defect, I sympathize. If I were Ms. L, I wouldn't have come in at all, but I guess you have to admire the old lady's dedication to her craft.

Sort of. "Reading II" is aptly named, since Ms. L spent the class time "reading to" us from a lengthy handout. Excruciatingly boring. Thursday's class will be an "online" class, so we don't have to show up on campus, but there's twice as much work due by next Tuesday. Still, I believe I will use this opportunity to blow off Reading II for a couple of days, review TExES stuff (I take both the exams Saturday), and just slog my ass off on Sunday and Monday. That's always a good idea!


Know It All TA (who is in Reading II this semester as a student) macked a bit on our group's Hot Readhead, which for some reason depressed me. I was just struck by the silly futility of the Quest to Hook Up, I guess. Anyway, too busy to mope now.

My social life's almost entirely gone these days.

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