Saturday, January 09, 2010

Loaded 19

Hypotheticals: If you had to run a marathon, how many miles do you think you could last?
If I had to actually run? Probably one before I died. I could walk it, but it would take a while.

Anything Goes: What is life's greatest mystery?
Why women enjoy the company of men who treat them like dirt without seeming to offer anything to compensate for it.

No-Brainers: What is your favorite flower?
See number 47 here.

Personals: What do you generally sleep in at night?
When it's cold, a long john type shirt and flannel pants. When it's hot, I go commando, baby!

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Churlita said...

Women put up with those guys because those guys don't always treat them like dirt. Sometimes they will be really nice and that inconsistent behavior confuses women. Usually, women who put up with that are trying to seek validation by "making" the guy realize they're worth being treated well all the time. Of course, they'll never get it... i never said women weren't fucked up.

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