Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So the days float through my eyes but still the days seem the same

Yesterday's post was crazy long.  This will be brief.  I'll try to catch up with some minor characters since my last meltdown.

Joy --- a co-worker at the Old Job, whom I once described as unattractive.  She resurfaced and intimated an interest in me.  I ended up having a fling with her despite myself.  Couldn't even call it dating briefly.  Just a contact born of... I don't know what, boredom and curiosity?  I was pretty apathetic about it and she came on very needy.  I kind of just let it die.  I guess I was the jerk with this one.

Ms. N --- the unattainable perfect gorgeous Ivy League-educated ex-co-worker of my dreams.  When last heard of had quit Prestigius to become a governess.  Is no longer living in Deviltown.  Has moved to Angeltown, where she belongs.  Bless her.

Hot Waitress T --- the bar waitress with whom I went through teaching school and became fairly close with for a while.  She has just had a baby but there is as far as I know no man in her life.  I have very little information other than that.

Maddening Angel -- the causus scribendi of this blog, the flighty flirty chick that started as sexual tension fodder and became a sort of sister figure to me over time.  After switching jobs and cities a few times, she moved back and is now living, again, in Deviltown.  She also has a kid.  Never married.  The father is still around and doing fatherly duties, but is not with her.

Epalg is still working toward her doctorate in the northeast.

74 and Zaftig --- my old high school friend (making our relationship over a quarter-century long) and his wife.  They have recently started inviting me over for drinks and dinner quite a lot, so I've grown closer to both of them and their sweet, funny (but, sadly, also quite spoiled) kids, which is great.

K --- Maddening Angel's old neighbor and friend.  I very rarely see her.

Deep Blue and Cyan --- old high school friend and his wife.  Have now had kid number two.  All these new babies.  It's almost as if the human species is motivated by an intense urge to continue its existence through procreation.

Oh, and I've been jumping through hoops for the last three months trying to buy the house I've been renting since this post.   And that story is also one rife with aggravation and deception, just like my work situation last year!  And so best saved for another time, if at all.

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daveawayfromhome said...

Yay! Chance returns! See, this is why I dont clean up my links much - hope!

Okay, that's a lie. I'm just lazy. Still, it's good to see that you've not given it up entirely.