Friday, November 07, 2008

Or maybe James Burke

I've been doing a lot of work at a site which, had I known about it during DorkFest '08, might well have won me the blue ribbon in that venerable contest.

The site is Quizlet! You can make your own electronic flashcards, and then --- this is the totally aweosme part --- the site tests you on your card sets! You can have written answer tests, multiple choice, true or false, and matching! All random and everything! Man, what a wonderful invention that speaks to the instrinctive, never-ending drive to learn and better oneself! What an amazing learning tool!

Seriously I am the king of all dorks


As I mentioned, I've been doing a bit of studying for the upcoming appearance on "Game Show!" Now that I'm making an active effort to remember things I learn, they're actually sticking, and it's strange to experience the connections that pop up, unbidden, in my head as I encounter information. For example, this evening I heard someone use the name "Augustus" and I thought:

Octavian... Part of Second Triumvirate with Lepidus and Mark Anthony... Antony and Cleopatra... Cleopatra VII... "worm of Nilus"...

I feel like the guy in A Beautiful Mind! You know... whatisname.


Michael5000 said...

For the aspiring Dork King, there's always next year...

Churlita said...

I'm like that, but with bad song lyrics. I'll hear a bit of one, and have to recite the rest of it my head. Too bad there's no way to make money off of my kind of knowledge.