Monday, August 05, 2013

I paced in agitation. I drew the curtains closed

No time to post today.

Must schedule the second appraisal guy, whom I must also pay for.  This in addition to the $1000 earnest money I've put down.

Must call the pest control people about possible return of rats in the attic.  Disgusting.  Why don't other people have these problems?

I'm resenting the bank for putting the price on this rather worn-out house higher than it would be on the market because I'm living here and they know it's convenient to me.  Am also resenting myself for not calling their bluff and moving out.

Must write some book reactions for work and write greeting postcards to my new students.  You know, "Can't wait to see you in school, you're my favorite student ever, the day school satrts will be unquestionable the happiest day of my life, hope your summer was good, say hi to your mom for me, she's hot."  The typical stuff.

This is the last week of freedom.  Sweet, sweet, wasted freedom.

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