Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hey hey babe, I got blood in my eyes for you

Day Four of Teacher Week.

We worked in our rooms some more.  Ms. Yule and I wrote out some lesson plans and thought up some challenge spelling words for kids who do well with the list in the book.

In K, we always led parent orientation during Teacher Week, but we don't do that in third (the parents should really know the school by now, and also, it's a scientific fact that parents get progressively less concerned about their children as they get older).  So we just worked in our rooms and went out to lunch.

The only thing that was interesting about today was that we had our safety lecture, and then watched, as I put it here, "the same unintentionally hilarious '80s video on first aid and blood-borne diseases that Prestigius has shown every year."  This was my sixth viewing of the camp classic.  Yo, HIV --- you talkin' to me?!

Sadly, I was not scheduled for CPR this year, so there were none of the shenanigans like the ones from this post.   Also, I missed the titillating cleavage talk on the dress code for new teachers.

Speaking of new teachers, my replacement in K graduated from high school in 2008.  Two thousand eight.  I feel like she ought to attend Prestigius, not teach here.

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