Saturday, January 25, 2014

If I could get my way, I'd get myself locked up today

LD came by early this morning with Green Juice from Starbucks while getting coffees for the huge clan currently staying at 74's house.  A clandestine visit!  She told me that as she left 74 said something to her, Meaningfully, about how it never takes too long at that particular Starbucks, so they expected her back soon.  And upon her return, she told me that Zaftig met her at the door, saying they were just going to go out after her and were "worrying."  It really pisses me off that 74 and Zaftig are treating LD like a child.  I have no interest in their disapproval or their bourgeois beliefs about how Things Ought To Be.  I don't mind the censure; but their working actively to destroy my happiness grates on me.

LD told me that she had this conversation with Zaftig:
LD: Has my relationship with Chance changed the way you think of me?
Z: It's changed the way I think of myself.  I mean, I never imagined something like this would happen to me or anyone I know, so now I'm wondering what I might do in similar situations.

I'm not trying to be vituperative here, but I've always found that thinking to be a bit infantile.  "I never thought I'd be the victim of a crime!"  Why not?  Crimes happen every day.  "I never dreamed my son would be gay!"  Why not?  Gay people are born every day.  So for Zaftig to be inflicting this brand of unthinking bland homogeneity on LD's own situation is doubly aggravating for it being so unexamined and banal.

Later in the morning, I saw LD again when she went to a Doc in the Box clinic for an injured shoulder received during drunken shenanigans this Sunday.  The desk nurse was very suspicious when I gave my name to be sent back to join LD where she waited for a doctor.  I guess I'm just a suspicious-looking fellow.  "Tell them you're my dad," LD texted me.  Ha!  At just this side of 43, I still get carded regularly.  Also she is like a head taller than me.


Tonight I went to dinner again, at Mexican Kitchen, with Friar and Auric's label president.  I had delicious tacos and mojitos.  Then we went out to the Reel, the club owned by our musician buddies Owens and Diamond.  We also saw three local pop-punk bands at a different club.  One of the bands was pretty terrible.  The middle one was led by another musician buddy of Friar's.  The last one was frenetic and loud and enjoyable.  We stayed out til 2:00 and then took Uber back to my car, where I drove Friar home.  He gave me some terrible advice about being sad.  "You're bigger than those feelings."  This is the same thing his seven year old child is told by his therapist.

No need for a sedative.  Slightly tipsy, mostly tired.

Mood: sad/okay

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