Friday, September 30, 2005

Best Classroom Sign EVER

The following is a sign that has been posted on a wall of The Job's post-toddler room. It is a large sign, written in big print letters, and has been up clearly visible to all the children, staff and parents for months. It was written by Ms. M, a respectable woman with a lot of experience in early childhood.

Class Rules
1. Follow directions
2. Use our words
3. Clean up after ourselves
4. Keep hands to ourselves
5. Use inside voices and walking feet

See the humorous aspect? You have to read down and think acronym.

No one noticed.

No one, until --- and this is very much like The Emperor's New Clothes --- FW, one of my four-year-olds, walked over to the sign while I stood nearby and started saying, "There's an F, and then a U, then a C, and then---"

Wait, what? It was only then that I saw the (purely unintentional) genius of this sign.

I like to think of it as the ultimate meta-rule.

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