Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Test day

Had my first Educational Psychology test (or, as Mr. S calls them in his jocular fashion, "opportunity"). I think I did well enough, though I was slightly alarmed by the amount I forgot. I referred to Gardner's spatial intelligence as analytical intelligence, I couldn't confidently list Piaget's stages, I wasn't 100% confident whether creativity was part of Sternberg's triarchy of intelligence, I failed to mention the importance of private speech to Vygotsky, etc. And the multiple choice part left me less than completely confident, as well; questions like that, where there's no place to explain your line of thought, often bemuse me if several responses seem fairly likely or none seem at all relevant.

Anyway, I got out of class in just an hour instead of two hours 45 minutes, extra free time which I promptly wasted goofing off on the Net.

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