Monday, August 13, 2007

En apprenant la nouvelle, j'ai failli avoir une crise cardiaque, moi aussi

So, hugely talented and personally popular comics artist Mike Wieringo died Sunday at the age of 44. He was, early accounts suggest, a healthy fellow and a vegetarian. He called 911, reporting chest pains, but they didn't reach him in time.

He was a terrific artist, and, according to what I've read, liked and respected. He died much too young. It's a sad thing.

As someone with a heart problem myself, getting ever nearer to 40, it's also a scary thing. I feel the same way as when I heard the incomparable Joe Strummer died of a heart problem --- good Ganesh, it's been five years ago now. Very sad and sympathetic and, yes, scared for myself as well.

My pulse rate is extremely worrisome. I'm going to the cardiologist on Thursday. I suspect he will want to put me on a beta blocker and something like digitalis. Oh dear.

For all I know, I have hours to live.

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