Friday, August 24, 2007

First visit

I drove up to Brown Elementary, where I'm starting my student teaching starting the fourth of September. I was only there an hour or so, getting familiar with the halls and so forth, but I loved it. Everyone, including the secretaries, was extremely polite and friendly --- which was not the general rule at my tutoring and observation sites. The teacher I'll be helping out, Ms. L, was incredibly welcoming and nice. Oh, and it turns out she teaches first grade; I was meant to be placed with a second grade teacher originally, but that person got an administration job so they shunted me over to first. I don't mind.

Two things of interest. First, one of the kindergarten teachers was a male (so that makes a whole two of us in the building, except for the principal and vice principal). I was surprised but glad to see this, not because I'd feel awkward being the only male --- I'm well used to that in work and school --- but because I think it's great for kids to have teachers of both sexes. Second, the teacher of the adjacent first grade room is a former classmate of mine from last year --- I forget which class it was, but she greeted me with a smile as well.

I liked the look of the school a lot; it was very pleasant and orderly. So far, it looks like it will be a terrific experience, and I'm looking forward to it happily.

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indy1016 said...

I'm so glad it went well! I hope it continues to be a good experience. My daughter is going into second grade, so I'm interested to hear things from your point of view.