Wednesday, August 22, 2007

If you like web surfing...

And I mean you really like your web surfing, you need to use StumbleUpon. I've been using it obsessively and have been rewarded by being introduced to a lot of terrific information all over the internets. It's not all TubeSpace; there's a world of admirable creativity and scholarship out there.

When someone posts something interesting, like a fan movie or a song or anything that requires industry and application, it always gets me when the comments say something like, "Yeh u r good but u have too much time on ur hands lol." These people have just as much time on their hands, but use it to passive-aggressively tear down other people's work. What winners!


I went with my parents to the new trivia place, where the prize is a big cash payoff. The Friar joined us, and 74 put in a very rare appearance; I honestly don't think I'd seen him this in person this year until today. We came in second --- it's a tougher game than at Waitress T's TriviaBar.

Afterwards, the Friar and I drank and talked at the Hangout. The video trivia and games were on free play, so we OD'd on that. Then Paris, the idle rich fellow who acted aggressive toward me in a petty little way a while back, invited me to his house for a party on Saturday. It's amusing how chronic drinkers are always ether sullenly hostile or expansively affectionate.

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