Monday, April 20, 2009

It's just my job five days a week

Today we had Kite Visits, which is when the kindergarten classes take these big kites they colored and flies them out in the field with their parents. It was good fun. I rescued no less than three kites from trees. Some of the parents were duly impressed. I acted like I knew some big secret about how to untangle kites, but really I only had one crucial strategy: pull the string hard and hope it doesn't break.

Tomorrow we're going to the zoo. Man, I wouldn't trade being an elementary teacher for anything. I feel sorry for suckers in cubes.


Michael5000 said...

About the time you're explaining to Tommy's mother how the lion ate his arm during the time when you were distracted by Gretl's and Madison's throwing shit back at the chimps, a nice uneventful cubicle will be sounding pretty good.

Mmm.... cubicle.....

[note: I don't actually work in a cubicle. My company can't afford dividers. I work at one of 70ish desks in a converted lumberyard.]

Churlita said...