Monday, April 27, 2009

Where danger is double and pleasures are few

Well, today was an abysmal kick in the neck.

I was told by Miss Busty that some people were "offended" and complaining about something I did, or rather, a habit I have in the classroom. The whole thing is so irksome and inane, I can't even write about it. Basically, I'm offended back at them for sticking their noses where they don't belong, I think anyone who's "offended" by what I was doing is pathetic and needs mental help, and I'm mildly resentful at Busty for refusing to tell me who's got their fucking panties in a bunch over nothing. (What, now she doesn't stoop to gossip? What a laugh.)

Well, it's reminded me that these people are not in any way my friends, to be trusted or opened up to; they're co-workers, and as such should be kept at a respectful, professional arm's length. Friends are understanding; co-workers --- especially women --- are backbiting and quick to gossip. And yes, this is partly gender-based: I was told that I'm not entirely accepted because this was a woman's field and it's "still strange" to see men in early childhood. Yay, 2009 and equality! And what really got me is how this appalling bias is totally okay, yet if it were a bunch of, say, surgeons or CEOs hassling a woman because she wasn't in her "traditional field," that would be obviously wrong to all but the most clueless chauvinist.

And just think, the other day I was idly wondering if I should talk to my doctor about getting off the Prozac; everything was going so swimmingly and I was so cheerful that I thought I had my head on straight. Now I'm pissed off and thinking all over again about how much my life sucks and there's no need to live it. Yes, it's irrational. That's why I take medication for it. But that's how it is. Pass the vodka and the bullets and write me a refill, doc.


Churlita said...

Weird. Did you point out the reverse discrimination to them? I used to work jobs that were traditionally done by men and get shit like that all the time. Guys who would challenge me to a work-off and I would either win or be their equal and they would resent me even more for that. It's just D-U-M.

Anonymous said...

hey... as soon as they tell you what they are talking about they are starting to accept you ;)

Michael5000 said...

I got one of those "unnamed people are offended" messages at the nonprofit I volunteer for -- because I bring a laptop to board meetings! In 2009! With the minutes and financial documents being, you know, online!

I was amazed and, sure, offended. But getting angry [preachy] is a lot of work, and gives petty crap too much power over your life. Not worth it. [/preachy]