Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where are you now my fingerprints?

We had another substitute today. I again did nearly everything: morning community circle ("tell us a story about plants"), intervention reading groups, spelling test, deskwork, calendar, "target the question" math strategies, a math lesson on estimating and tens based on how many pockets are in the class, etc.

I left early to get fingerprinted for my certification. This is around the twelfth time I've undergone a fingerprint and background check in my life, no joke. I had never done electronic fingerprinting before, though. It was interesting and efficient and less messy. The lady who did it said that experts can tell what race you are by your fingerprints.

She also said I look like Christopher "Superman" Reeve. I have also been told, in the past, that I resemble Toby Maguire (another superhero!) and Tony Curtis. All of these alleged resemblances are false, however, as I actually look like a silly little dork.


Churlita said...

Damn! Toby MaGuire and Christopher Reeve is a good combination.

United We Lay said...

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