Sunday, March 02, 2008

Load Huit

From there to here.

If you had to spend the rest of your life in one place, where would it be?
I'm gonna go with Portland, Oregon. As much as I love Paris, I wouldn't want to leave America for the rest of my life. Despite the fascism, cronyism, hypocrisy and mob mentality, it's my home. Portland's got geologic variety and intelligent, quirky people.

Anything Goes: At what age did you have your first boyfriend/girlfriend?
Besides childhood friends of the opposite sex, I guess eighteen. I was a late bloomer.

No-Brainers: What do you consider the biggest turnoff?
Fascism, cronyism, hypocrisy, and mob mentality. You know, Republicans.

Personals: What do you bring most to a friendship?
Loyalty and the ability to make people laugh.


Churlita said...

I'm with you on most of those. I feel like I would have to travel more in order to choose a lifetime place in which to settle.

Michael5000 said...

Yeah! Give it up for the quirk!