Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I had a hard time waking this morning, I got a lot of things on my mind

The second half of the room's parents came in for their conferences today. They went well on the whole. The woman I spoke of here (with the "bitter pinched face"), G2's mother, did need some extra reassuring about how the class is arranged and who would be sitting with whom when, etc etc, but then surprised me by saying that she's requested me and was very happy her daughter was in my class. So that might be a non-issue.

The only other conference that raises some issues was the one for a boy, L3, who cannot ingest milk, wheat, soy, or eggs due to a host of medical problems. He needs to bring in his own snack, and the parents are pretty neurotic about him not being differentiated from the other kids. His last teacher, Mrs. Helen, took pains to mix up the snacks so that her kids never really noticed that L3 was getting something different; I don't know if that's something that needs to continue. As he progresses through school, it'll be clear that his diet is different, so why not embrace it now and have pride in the responsibility of managing his own food? I've seen two celiac kids go through kindergarten and they were fine having their food kept separate. Anyway, poor L3. He also has some other health issues; he takes medicine, one side effect of which is depression; so he's going to need a lot of reassurance.

Oh yeah, I had the Talk with Assistant T. It wasn't too awkward. She got a bit embarrassed but seemed to take it all in. However, she then talked a bit out of turn during conferences, again (like mentioning to parents programs that previous kids have done, which is a big taboo), so I think the Vice Head will have to lead a Talk with all the assistants.

Kids tomorrow!

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