Monday, August 29, 2011

When it all comes down you'll find you've lost another day

Had my required face-to-face meeting with Head #3 today. When I got to her door at the arranged time, she was in a meeting, and I had to wait thirty minutes until she was free.

The meeting was surprisingly brief. This was the sum total of what was said:

Head #3: "How long have you been here at Prestigious, Chance?"

Me: "This will be my fourth full year."

H3: "And you love it, don't you? I can tell."

Me: "Yes, I do."

H3: "Well, here's what I know about you: You were on Quiz Show!."


Me: "That's it? That's what you know about me?"

H3, all beatific smiles: "Yes."

(What, no "You're widely respected"? No "Everyone is amazed at what a good job you do"? How about "You have a good resume"?)

Me: "Well, I did lose."

H3: "But just being on it is terrific." [pause] "Well, I just want you to know my door is always open if you need anything." [Stands up.]

And that was it. I was on Quiz Show!, I seem to be enjoying myself at work, and the Head's door is always open unless she's in a meeting during the time you're scheduled to see her.

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