Friday, December 07, 2007

Loaded like the Velvet Underground

As always, idea is originally by the big-eyed girl and found here.

Hypotheticals: If you could choose to own any car, and money was no object, what would you choose?
Probably the same as I'm driving now, a Toyota Rav-4. I'd get a newer one, though, with a nicer interior. But I really have no interest at all in expensive or flashy car models, or the apparent prestige that comes with owning or driving certain makes.

Anything Goes: What do you consider the ultimate vacation?
Six months in Paris with someone who would appreciate it as much as I do, and no obligations to anyone else.

No-Brainers:What character on television do you identify with the most?
First off, I don't watch enough TV to answer this question with a solid knowledge base. That said, however, I feel like there don't exist characters on television that I could identify with. The characters on TV that are meant to be "losers" and "outcasts" really only exist to come out of their shell and find themselves loved. No one wants to be bored by a show about an actual nebbish. Look at Landry on Friday Night Lights; he got asked out by the gorgeous Tyra in the final episode. Oh, wait --- how about Landry's even less popular friend, who got beaten up by the Hispanic football player and was never seen again? That could be me.

Personals: How many inches would you increase your height by?
I don't know, five? Sure, five. Why not.


Michael5000 said...

Is that a new mass of ice on your masthead, or am I just noticeing it for the first time? Nice.

Chance said...

That ice is new and it symbolizes the BARREN WASTE THAT IS MY SOUL. Thanks! I like your Christmas banner, too!