Monday, August 15, 2011

Someone keeps saying I'm insane to complain

This summer I read the entire archives of this blog. Yes, I was surprised by the unrelenting bleating, whining, resentful, martyred tone, and quickly got sick of my pathetic self-abnegation, but I remembered the reasons I began this blog in the first place.

First, as a way of taking personal stock. Gnōthi seauton and all that. In some ways getting it all out on the screen helped me deal with my issues. It's like self-administered therapy. Or cheaper Prozac. If you suffer from depression, ask your doctor if Blogaxia is right for you. Side effects of Blogazia include whining, midsection weight gain from constant sitting, and a general unhealthy pallor. Try to get outside once in a while too, Mopey.

Second, as a way of chronicling career progression. In that the blog succeeded, and might continue to serve.

So, hey.

Today was the first day back after summer at Prestigius. We have about a dozen new faces on staff, plus a new Head. It's a lady Head! That's crazy. Although soft spoken and friendly, she has already set some grumblers a-grumbling by saying all teachers need to stay a half hour after carpool every day. I almost always did that anyway, but most didn't; it was distinct trait of Prestigius that the teachers would fly out the door right after the students, which is hardly the case at most schools.

No kids at school yet, just the usual morale-building get-togethers, welcoming speeches, information and schedule arranging, and work in the classroom.

More tomorrow.


daveawayfromhome said...

Man, I sometimes think of rereading my old stuff, but then I read a few and quit after not too long. Sometimes it's because I cant believe what a whiner I was (am, really), sometimes it's because I am depressed at the loss of whatever fire was burning in my belly at the time (useless as it seems to have been).

Still and all, good to have you back.

Chance said...

Man, you really put your finger on how I feel when I reread my old stuff as well. Either, "wow, what a whiny bitch" or "wow, I sure was worked up over that and sure am apathetic now."