Saturday, September 03, 2011

Saturday Song: "Lover's Rock," The Clash

Lover's Rock, The Clash, from London Calling (1979).

One of the lesser-known gems from the landmark album. Although a casual listen leaves many thinking that this is about a blow job, the song actually castigates men who have unprotected sex and father babies "when she forgot that thing she had to swallow" (the Pill). It reminds men that there are other things you can do in bed besides being "free with your seed" and thus losing the energy to continue pleasing a woman. For example, "there is a place you can kiss." Such a man, who has self-control and consideration, "can make a lover in a thousand gos." That's right! He's talkin' cunnilingus, baby!

...Wait a minute! This song isn't about the oppressive class system! Sell-outs!

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