Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Boring trivia

The live trivia Friar and I have been running at the Hangout was a big dud tonight. We had six teams at the start, but three left --- two openly deriding the content of our questions --- leaving only a bar employee, the usual barflies, and my father playing. (My father came in second!) As a knife twist, Mr. Hangout showed up to witness our implosion. On the plus side, I think Friar now realizes that his questions have been both intellectually lazy and off-puttingly difficult. For example, he once gave a line of a song and then asked for the next line (something no one but a rabid fan of the artists would have a hope of getting right) ; another time, he asked people to the twelve novels Kurt Vonnegut wrote between his first and last books. Boring question, far too hard. Perhaps we'll have a snappier session next week.

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