Saturday, August 26, 2006

Whether I sink or swim you know I'll end up dead

And when the world comes knocking down upon my door
Well, don't you know that it's no fun
'Cause whether you win or lose it doesn't really matter
Life has got you on the run
--- Spacehog, "Skylark"

Maddening Angel called me. She's been on vacation with her family. I went over to her place and watched Office Space. She'd been having a bad day. I would be too if I lived with two cats and two dogs who peed and puked all over everything. Anyway, we lay on her bed, watching the movie, wrestling and laughing. I think we scared her roommate with our exuberance --- I'm sure he had no diea what to make of us. Despite all our physical play, I think I've finally settled into the role of Older Brother Figure, though I probably will always have some lingering vestigial jealousy of her lifestyle because I've so uptight and square and she's so gorgeous and vivacious and I won't ever have her social power.

At one point, she tried to change into a different dress, but got stuck while taking it off. Don't ask me how that happened. I had to help lift the dress off her (she never wears a bra). One of the seams actually ripped as I pulled it, and we joked about the power of her mighty breasts being no match for flimsy cloth. Once it came off I looked away like a gentleman, of course, but I guess that shows what a relaxed, close relationship we have; she also talks freely to me about her sex life, her period, etc.

Anyway. After the movie, she called up K, whom I haven't seen in a while. K (still finishing up law school) came over; she has lost a ton of weight. The three of us went to a favorite Indian place of ours. Mmm, lamb masala.

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