Monday, August 28, 2006

Distressingly content

You may not add up but you're close enough
Absolutely sort of almost bearable
You'll find life can be kind of cool
And not completely terrible

--- Mr. T Experience, "Semi-OK"

Trivia at the Hangout tonight was utterly empty. K had said she'd come, but didn't. The regular barfly team was there, of course, and one of Friar's friends. No one else. Actually, I tell a lie: one team, a couple that's an acquaintance of mine, showed up but left because we were having technical trouble and started late, since the neither the sound guy nor Mr. Hangout bothered to come to the bar and set up the audio; my father showed up and sat for about seven questions; and the Hangout's main owner, whom I don't know, answered four before leaving when his wife called him home. We had the game regardless, and the two teams who stayed won the first and second prizes. Hooray! I blame the sparse attendance on last week's cancellation due to the big important fooball game on teevee. Apparently, people came then and asked about the trivia, but didn't feel like showing up this week --- and who can blame them, without a fixed schedule or advertising?

Because fooball season is starting in earnest, we're moving it to a different day, anyway.

Speaking of blame, add to the list of reasons I cited yesterday as to why I am now packing a bit of a gut: much more drinking lately than is typical for me.

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