Friday, January 11, 2008

I tell myself something's comin' but it never does

Feeling better than yesterday about work. Tiring day. Tiring week, in fact, mostly because I'm getting seven or fewer hours of sleep per night. Also, I'm walking or on my feet a lot all day.

Had a cathartic talk with the vice-head about the auction thing and being excluded by my fellow reserve teachers. She commiserated with me about the girly talk and gave me a few suggestions on what to do about the auction. However, before I could ask anyone else about it, the woman who's a putative leader of the team suggested that we do something else so that I would be included. So now we're offering our time to entertain some lucky (that is, rich) kids with a treasure hunt party. These private school auctions are nuts, man. I've been to one before (memories I blogged here but I'd rather not revisit) and with the open bar and the impetus to look good while supporting the school, parents spend truckloads of cash on all manner of goofy prizes.

Anyway. feeling better about that. Did not see hide nor hair of my nemesis.

All the kids are singing "Had a Bad Day," that Daniel Powter song, while they play tag and such. Apparently it was in the no-doubt execrable Chipmunks movie. Kinda weird.

Had dinner with the Friar and Palfrey and their baby at Green Margarita. Always a fun evening of tipsy laughter. Palfrey thought a lot of the traditions at Prestigious (like their distinctive method of quieting the children, and the preferred method of referring to and addressing them), were ridiculous. In some ways, she's even more anti-social than I am.

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