Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lo and Behold

I subbed in the second grade again today. I've now subbed for each of the four second grade teachers. It's not my favorite thing, but it's nice. The team is very nice and helpful, writing out detailed schedules and overlooking my blips of uncertainty.

Prestigious Elementary pays very well, has a superb benefit package, is an esteemed institution, quite easy compared to public school, largely stress-free, and full of intelligent teachers with solid professional standards. And I think I may hate it.

The real tragedy --- the thing I'm truly scared of --- is that I may not fit in anywhere. I'm too unlike most teachers, too anti-social, too vehemently individualistic, too socially damaged.

What's the matter, Molly dear?
What's the matter with your mound?
What's it to you, Moby Dick?
This is chicken town.


Michael5000 said...

You may not work like this, but I hate EVERY new job. Because I hate being new. It sucks, when you are a prideful person like myself, to be continually uncertain and confused, and to have no accumulated cred or authority in your social bank account.

The best thing about Prestigious Elementary is the name.

Ondine said...

I agree with Michael - give it time. Focus on all the positive things you're getting - especially health care - for now and don't worry about fitting in. I hate new places too, even when they're good for me.

Millie said...

It sounds like you enjoy the kids. To hell with fitting in with the other're not there for them right?

Chance said...

Not 100%, but the school will let me go if they think the other teachers and I aren't getting along as a team.