Monday, January 07, 2008

New year, new nemesis

I was out pretty late Saturday night, and slept until 1:00 p.m. Sunday. So pretty much the opposite of my intention to gradually get used to getting up early again before school starts. Anyway, I had trouble falling asleep Sunday night --- heart absolutely pounding for unknown reason --- but had to get up at 6:15 a.m. today. Such is life.

So, back at Prestigious. A few of the teachers are very friendly, and most are polite but indifferent. One, however --- the same one who acted hugely aggrieved at some slight of mine back here but was only mildly offensive here --- seems to be one of those people who need to lord it over others whenever they get an opportunity. She shall be my Lesbian Nemesis. (Yes, she's out.)

Case in point. Today, I was in one of the pre-K rooms. My co-teacher was a pleasant women who complemented me on how well I connect with the kids. (She also showed me the common courtesy of thanking me at the end of the day, as opposed to L-Nem, who acted like she had done me a big favor when I subbed for her co-teacher.) Anyway, I was circulating as the kids colored, and I said pleasantly to one of the kids, "Let's try to color closer in the lines a bit here." Obviously, I don't expect or ask for anything approaching completely neat work from pre-K kids, but this little guy wasn't trying at all, just listlessly dragging his marker up and down the page regardless of what was on it.

From across the hall, in another room entirely, L-Nem called out, in a cheery voice, as if to the kid, "Tell him, 'I'm only three, Mr. Chance! I'm gonna scribble a little!'"

Seriously, that's so controlling and arrogant. Naturally, I didn't say a word, just glanced at L-Nem and smiled before going on with what I was doing. Now, I honestly wouldn't mind if a co-teacher of the same room took me aside and established, with adult conversation, that I wasn't being some sort of martinet and expecting stuff that kids that age can't deliver. (I wasn't, and being slightly familiar with early childhood education and children's behavior, I do know the difference between age-appropriate coloring and just plain not trying.) But that kind of passive-aggressive nonsense from someone who ought to be minding their own business is rather trying.

Here's an anecdote that really shows L-Nem's controlling ways, though. I was at recess, when all the pre-K and K kids were out, and two of the kids from L-Nem's own room came running up to me and grabbed my hands, saying they were "getting me." I was smiling and responding to them for all of about two seconds when from across the entire damn playground I hear L-Nem scream, "Girls! Girls! Come over here! He needs to watch all the children!" (As if I couldn't give a couple of kids some direct attention for a minute while also keeping a general eye out on the area. Everyone can do this, and does, including L-Nem herself.) She made the girls run back to where she was. They didn't come near me again.

It's pretty sad when you're jealous of the attention a coworker gets from a four-year-old.


Churlita said...

You need to find out more of her weaknesses and her super hero powers in order to be able to fight her more effectively - at least the imaginary battles in your head.

Chance said...

Her weakness is Relaxomite.