Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Long, slow day

Got up earlier than usual and was at school by 7:00 a.m. The faculty have a "book club" in which they discuss professionally relevant texts. They're currently reading a book about how boys communicate. The Vice-Head was presenting a few chapters, and asked me and another male teacher to be there and act as her uncommunicative sons in a little skit to illustrate the concept. Afterwards, I sat through the talk and said not a word, possibly enforcing the stereotype.

We had a very light schedule. I wandered around a bit, sat in on a second-grade drama class where the kids read and evaluated short plays about Great Americans, and helped do some reading assessments in kindergarten. Then, in the afternoon, I subbed for a pre-K teacher (who will be leaving sometimes this semester; either I or another reserve teacher will get her spot).

Calm, easy day, with no problems. Also, got my first check. Sweet!

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Churlita said...

There's nothing better than getting your first check...Except if you got a bonus with it. That might be better.