Sunday, February 03, 2008

Freedom isn't free

I wonder if there's anyone left who's been paying the slightest bit of attention lately and still manages to pretend to themselves that this is a free country.

The following would be amusing if it weren't so representative of the overall atmosphere of sanctity: lawmakers would like to outlaw overweight people from eating in restaurants??

As in any fascist state worth the name, priests are put in prison for non-violent demonstrations against torture.

The President, having sworn to uphold the Constitution when he took office, now baldly asserts his power to ignore it.

Oh, you better believe fascist states like to torture enemies of the state.

Holding enemies of the state indefinitely, without charge or attorney? Even natural-born citizens? You better believe that, too.

Also, our overlords think citizens should have no privacy of information.

And they use a supposedly independent media to broadcast lies.

And no fascist nation would be complete without rigged elections and cronyism.

The list goes on. That's not even mentioning the contrast between the rights and protections of corporations versus those allowed citizens. And I think our Founding Fathers would burn the FCC to the ground if they saw the absurd power it held over speech.

I'm really hoping the Democrats take the White House (though I don't expect it; I believe the voting process has been hijacked). John McCain, to my mind the most palatable of the Republican contenders, wouldn't lift a finger to reverse any of this fascist doctrine.
So thank your lucky stars you've got protection
Walk the line, and never mind the cost
And don't wonder who them lawmen was protecting
When they nailed the Savior to the cross.

'Cause the law is for protection of the people
Rules are rules and any fool can see
We don't need no riddle speaking prophets
Scarin' decent folks like you and me, no siree.

--- Kris Kristofferson, "The Law Is for Protection of the People"

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Churlita said...

I really love Kris Kristofferson as a lyricist.