Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The same thing that I'd want today, I would want again tomorrow

The Vice-Head sent out the email to the parents of Mr. C's room, saying he was leaving for six months and I'd be in his place. Mr. C told the kids himself, but I couldn't be there, as I was subbing in another room. By the end of the day there was one (possibly the first of several) email from a parent concerned that the change would result in their son slipping in his reading progress.

I understand parental concern and naturally I'm going to discuss their fears with them. But really, some of these high-maintenance parents are bit too jumpy, if you ask me. How likely is it that Prestigious is going to replace the teacher with a total slacker who's going to just let the kids slide? Anyway, I'm meeting the parents Friday morning. There will be donuts, juice, and anxiety.

I had a talk with Mr. C after school in which he briefed me on some of the more troublesome behaviors to be found in his class. At the beginning of the year, two kids regularly would pitch screaming fits, and one of them literally had to be held by Mr. C. He said it was the worst first six months of his entire teaching career. Apparently, the kids have calmed down a lot since then; two are on some kind of behavior-altering drug.


When I was in his room during class hours, briefly, one girl came up to me, talked excitedly about something, and then abruptly turned and skipped / ran / jumped off to the circle area.

"She's in a hurry, I guess," I remarked to another five-year-old girl.

"No," she said offhand, "she's just hyper."


Michael5000 said...

Isn't kindergarden a little early to be stressed out about a kid's reading "progress"? When I started first grade, there were only four kids in the class who knew how to read....

Millie said...

I agree with Michael on this one. I don't remember much from Kindergarden but I know that I wasn't reading on my own. I am in BIG trouble when my daughter starts school as clearly she will be far more advanced than I ever was.

Keep your chin up! I am sure Friday will go well.

Chance said...

It's relatively early, but not for this place. Most of the K kids can read, and those that can't, the parents are wayyy stressed about it.

Churlita said...

It's kind of good for kids to learn how to deal with change. It's the way of the adult world.