Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This day will soon be at an end and now it's even sooner

I subbed in the Repeat Kindergarten class again today --- just seven kids, and the teacher leaves very detailed lesson plans. It's an easy gig, even by the rather lax standards of Prestigious.

After school we had our weekly staff meeting. They served sushi and other Asian treats. As a February birthday boy, I had to go to the middle of the room with five other teachers while the staff regaled us with the obligatory song (I stood there and took it, but it pained me; I hate being the cynosure). I got a gift card from the school, but I lost it. Anyway, pretty generous.

Every year, Prestigious gives grants to teachers who propose to travel and do something helpful, enriching, or skill-building. Today they revealed the winner, one of my sub team members who will get to go to Ecuador. I didn't quite catch the details, but she'll be doing some kind of volunteer work with wilderness trails.

Oh, and a weird thing happened. ...Well, maybe better not go into that at all. Let's just say it involved my inadvertent disclosure of search terms that had been used in the past on the classroom teacher's computer. One of them was a Japanese word. It freaked me out.


Churlita said...

Okay. Now you have to stop teasing and tell us.

Chance said...

All I'm saying is, if you're going to use your work PC to search for, um, "entertainment," and you work at a school, please learn how to clear your search history.

daveawayfromhome said...

please tell me it didnt involve Japanese schoolgirls and, um, a certain amount of "restraint".

Chance said...

I didn't follow the search terms to their origins, obviously. However, restraint may well fit into the broad definition.