Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Now the way that I feel is no longer news

This week will be busy. Quite a few teachers and most of the administration are gone on conferences.

Today, I subbed:

--- in a fourth-grade gym class. Wall ball!
--- in a first-grade writing session. Read and illustrate poems!
--- in a pre-K room. Show and tell!
--- in another pre-K room. Lie down on your mats, kids!
--- in two different kindergarten rooms. Leveled readers and a color separation science project!

As you can see, I wear many hats in this job. Tomorrow, it seems (though nobody consulted me on this), I'm going to be a fourth-grade English teacher all day.

At Prestigious, the fourth graders are rather more swaggering and insolent than they are at most elementary schools. Prestigious stops at fourth grade, so these kids are the kings of all they survey. Some of them are in for a rude awakening when they get to other, larger schools. Oh, they're great kids, but some of them could stand to be taken down a peg. A calm but assured demeanor and the expectation of respect seems to be the sine qua non.

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Millie said...

Show and Tell was always my favorite day of the week!