Monday, September 25, 2006

Bill Clinton is my hero

Although I'm passionate about a lot of political issues, I don't often write about them or even discuss them. For one thing, many bloggers do politics a thousand times better than I ever could. Secondly, especially given the current state of the dialectic (where the name of the game is utter degradation and vilification of the enemy, with everyone who isn't completely in lockstep with every single aspect of your thought falling under the rubric of "enemy"), talking about things you believe in seems an exercise in pointlessness for an open-minded intelligent person.

This post is no exception --- I'm still ill-informed and can express myself but poorly in this arena --- but I found something I needed to share.

Anyway. There's a big discussion in all the blogs and chat shows over how the best president of the 20th century let his emotions get to him after being needled by the a loyal foot soldier of the GOP's media arm. And good for him.

The best response to the fray.

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NYC Educator said...

I watched that, and thought Bill clobbered the idiot commentator, who never asked that sort of question to any of the parade of GOP politicians who regularly grace his network.

There are two responses to dems--they're wimps, or they're angry. The substance of what they may or may not say is not at all important. Fox is a government propaganda outlet.

I always remember being in East Berlin in 1984, where Pravda was sold on every streetcorner. The only difference was, over there, no one bought it.