Saturday, August 25, 2007

Onychophagia, justified and otherwise

Things I am worried about
  • The health of myself and my loved ones
  • Lack of health care (in myself and others), and this country's appalling health care system
  • Steadily encroaching West Nile virus and other pandemic-quality bugs, and the administration's concomitant lack of interest in prophylactic measures
  • The administration's war on the constitution, privacy, and civil rights
  • Some of America's best and bravest, dying and being mutilated for no particular reason
  • Legitimate terrorist threats to America that may not be noticed because of the resource vacuum that is Iraq
  • Global warming, dwindling water, our dependency on oil
  • Pollution by corporations and the public, especially the use of plastics
  • Layoffs, US jobs being shipped overseas, and the disappearance of the well-off working class
  • Putin's apparent desire to start up the Cold War again, now when we have a president who is incapable of defusing the situation or dealing with it rationally
  • The ever-rising tide of ignorance and violence in America's youth, caused by lack of quality education and poverty
  • The fact that America's current two-term president is, in actual fact, a proud ignoramus who fires anyone who dares disagree with him
  • The suspicious amount of evidence that the GOP rigs elections at the local level
  • The administration's apparent inability to do anything to help anyone who actually needs help
Things I am not in the least worried about
  • Lindsay Lohan's career
  • "Kid Nation" controversies
  • Any reality TV controversy
  • Britney Spears' clothes, love interests, or hair
  • Any celebrity DUI
  • The legal troubles of any players on any sports team
  • The outcome of any game, ever
Oh, and also: if you're driving and an ambulance comes up behind you, siren wailing and lights flashing, and you just kind of tap on your brakes, but you don't pull over and stop, like you're goddamn well supposed to --- fuck you. I hope you are horribly injured, and the ambulance that is taking you to the ER gets stuck behind someone just like you. Really. You're breathing air that better people could be using.

Sweet Shiva, people, where is the empathy?

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