Friday, October 19, 2007

Pas de lauriers pour les tueurs

A black first grader was coloring a worksheet with people on it and I noticed he was coloring them all with the pale color. I said, "Where are the brown people?" He replied, "I like peachy tan."

A substitute told us today that she had taught a kid who later killed a man over a drug deal. We've got a kid whose future almost certainly includes jail time --- the one who did unspeakable things in the bathroom and had to be escorted by me to the nurse's office to go to the bathroom for a while. He's invited other children to allow him to "stick my pee-pee in your butt," and has announced that he had a bomb in his backpack. Charming first grader, eh?

After work I went out to dinner with Epalg at a cheap but very good Middle Eastern place. She was willing to do more stuff, but (a) I was exhausted from my long days and little sleep all week and (b) I felt guilty about leaving Dog all day and then all evening. So I went home and went to sleep.

I think there may be rats or squirrels crawling inside my wall.

Still digging the new religion.


Michael5000 said...

Been lurking and enjoying your blog.... As a former student teacher who stopped there, you remind me of what drew me to the profession, and also why I didn't follow through. Teachers are superheros.

Chance said...

well thank you!