Sunday, November 09, 2008

Loaded XII

From this place.

Hypotheticals: If you could add one feature to your cell phone, what would it be?
Real feature: web browser. Of course, I would be constantly Googling stuff, which might turn me into a pod person, so perhaps it's best I'm disconnected from the Intraweb teat for at least a while. Fictional feature: deadly laser.

Anything Goes: Where would be a terrible place to find yourself tomorrow?
Under a bridge, shivering with cold, after my home was swept away by a tornado.

No-Brainers: What are your two favorite ice cream toppings?
I'm not much of a topping buff, but hot fudge is always good. Whipped cream, too.

Personals: What language would you like to master?
Chinese. I've wrestled with it on and off for ten years, and know almost nothing.

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Churlita said...

Weird. My word verification is torinsta - I'm sure it has something to do with cowering under a bridge after one's home was swept away by a tornado.