Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In the stars where you are always rolling on

Because of a short winter break next week, our school celebrated Valentine's Day today. The kids decorated bags and exchanged valentines ---after I whipped and browbeat them into completing quite a lot of paper assignments, and self-portraits. We have parent conferences tomorrow, and I wanted to have some work to show the parents. The kids worked on these worksheet packets for two days straight, and while a couple finished the first day, most needed this second day, and a couple didn't come anywhere near finishing even after the second day. I don't really know what to do with these slowpokes. Usually I just call the assignment done, even if it's not complete, and move on to something else. Otherwise the quicker kids wouldn't have anything to do. But then, the slow kids aren't getting the whole picture.

These parents pay a giant shedload of cash to take their kids to Prestigius --- my salary is two kids' tuition --- and sometimes I feel like they're not really getting their money's worth. I mean, it's a great school and a hell of a lot better than the hell that is public school these days, but let's face it, it's still just kindergarten. No matter how much you pay for a hamburger, it's still only going to be the best hamburger you ever tasted, not the finest steak.

As I said, conferences are tomorrow, and I have to present the parents with their kids' progress reports. And if you think I started doing those any time but the very last minute, hi! welcome to the blog. I'm Chance, a procrastinator.

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Churlita said...

Yeah, back in the olden days when I went to school (the 70's) a lot of kids didn't even go to kindergarten and those of us who did, only went for half days anyway.