Thursday, January 07, 2016

Lately I've been in a life like limbo, looking out of a smudged up window

Yesterday's answer was: Tom Waits, "Time."  Kurt got it right.


I got a tea ball and some loose leaf tea grown and packed in China.  I love the tea ball!  I'm a tea baller now.  I'm ballin' tea right now.


"Sweetie, I love you, but your tendency to blow things out of proportion is not something I can deal with when we are not together." --- text from LD

Reasonable brain: "She's right. I should get a sense of perspective."

Sad sensitive brain: "Then don't send me passive aggressive, annoyed texts that you know will set me off in the first place, you jerk!"

Real brain: [wisely does not reply at all]


Mr. Richard, the science teacher, and I have set up an after-school class.  Well, "class" is stretching it. It is an hour-long outdoor game activity.  We thought up variants of different playground games, and are letting first- and second-graders go wild with them.  For this we are getting paid $60 each.

In some ways I have it unreasonably good.

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Kurt said...

Our after school program paid $15 an hour, and I worked there a few times, then the principal suggested I not. She felt it lowered my cachet as a teacher.