Thursday, December 29, 2005

Filling the hours

Today was another blessed day off work. Got up tired with my throat sore; late night at the Hangout last night with the Brother and the Friar. I stopped by work to say goodbye to a kid I've known over two years who's leaving, and chatted with the Maddening Angel. Ate lunch with the Brother and his Brood, then we all leashed up Dog and went to the dog park and went for a walk among the trails around the lake. (Sigh. That reminded me how I've missed those weekend hikes with the MA back when we were thicker than theives. Did I fail to grab the golden ring there?)

Dinner with the whole dang blasted fambly, including aunt, cousin B and his smokin' girlfriend, then we all played charades till fairly late in the evening. Does anyone except this family play parlour games anymore? Brother and Brood leave tomorrow very early morning. At last I'll have my car back.

I miss late nights with MA.

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