Saturday, December 17, 2005

Useless trivia

Here’s a bit of trivia. What is the tallest mountain in India?

I think the (Western) man on the street would reply to this question "Mount Everest." But this would be an error, since Everest is not in India, as a quick click on the above link shows.

The answer is: Kanchenjunga, less than thousand feet lower than Everest and located at the Nepal border, is India's tallest peak. It's part of the Himalayas and is the third (some maintain the second) highest mountain in the world. The name's a bit more difficult for Western tongues to handle than "K2," but say it slowly a couple of times and it'll stick. Kan-chen-jun-ga. "The five treasures of the snow," in Tibetan.

So there you have it. Feel more informed yet? No, I don’t either.