Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Iridescent Tourney IV: Return of the son of tourney

Welcome to day four of the Iridescent Tourney --- a series of COC fights suggested by that swell fellow H at the always entertaining Comic Treadmill. An excellent idea it was too. If only an entertaining writer had been commissioned to execute it.

When last we saw the Tourney, the Purple Man was unable to get his mind-controlling power to penetrate Kyle Rayner's thick skull.

Day four sees a sharp reduction in the list of entrants waiting to tussle with Kyle. Here's the deal: all those without long-range powers and other no-hopers have been tossed out like week-old fish. I mean, it's all fun and games, but nobody wants to read about how Kyle Rayner pissed himself laughing while placing the Red Bee and his fearsome trained bees into a big green hive with bars on the windows. (Or do they?) So from here on out, only characters who have a fart's chance in hell of beating the guy with the ring are showing up.

So, herewith the challenger: Red Tornado! (No, not Ma Hunkel, but she was on the list too). Is he an elemental? An android? A JSA member? A guy in a really lame bald-head flesh mask? He is all these things and more. Inhabiting the robotic shell built by T.O. Morrow, the tornado-turned-hero has fought with the JSA, JLA and some other less famous group. He is master of winds from abroholos to zephyr, an anemometer-busting force of nature merged with a mechanical marvel.

But it'll take more than blowing a lot of air around to stop Green Lantern. Kyle's aura allows him to breathe and live in deep space; winds aren't really a problem. Giant funnels and fans can redirect the Tornado's winds and thick force fields can contain them. Also, don't forget, the ring's power is not limited to just making big green things (ah, the legacy of Hal Jordan). Kyle can disrupt electromagnetic fields, turn invisible, regenerate, turn intangible, fly at enormous speeds, etc. etc.

It's with a twinge of regret that Kyle would put the big red guy down --- the Tornado's a good guy, after all --- but he'd do it nonetheless.

This is not the Champ, but if you're like me, you were sick of looking at Rayner's face. Posted by Hello

Next: What's the probability that Kyle's going down?

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