Friday, December 02, 2005

There's only this, there's only us

Had my first real date with Ram today, though we've "gone out" (dinner, talking together) a couple of times. We were supposed to have a date yesterday, but instead spent an hour in her car after class talking about the fact that I'm not comfortable with dating someone in an open relationship. Anyway, this time I drove to her place, met her roommate, and then we saw Rent at a dinner theater.

I had absolutely no idea what it would be like. (When the Maddening Angel and I saw Team America: World Police together a few weeks ago, there was a musical bit that apparently made fun of Rent --- "we all have AIDS!" --- and she pointed it out to me and was surprised when I had no idea what it was parodying, or what Rent was all about.) I liked the movie a lot. Although I'm no musical fan, I am a sucker for these "carpe diem" films. Yes, I'm an uptight bag of neurosis, but I admire that "there's only this, no regrets" type of approach to life. I loved the song "La Vie Boheme."

Ram and I held hands and cuddled a bit. I left pretty happy, although unfortunately Ram is not going to be a major player in my life, as she's attached: she has, after all, that open and long-distance relationship with some stupid fuckhead.

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