Saturday, May 20, 2006

Lazy flies and silly lists

I was supposed to go to another party for Flax, this one a sit-down dinner at a restaurant, organized by Flax's sister... But I was too tired and feeling a bit misanthropic, so didn't go. This broke one of my informal resolutions --- i.e., to attend every social event to which I am invited and the idea of which doesn't utterly repulse me (so, for example, I would not attend a rave, no matter who asked me). But as there can be no mountain without a valley, there can be no rules without a little flouting.


A few days ago, I had a dream in which Ram called me up and said she had finally and permanently broken up with her boyfriend. In the dream, I was overjoyed, because I had just broken up with Spooky and the timing was so exquisite. I remember feeling exultant that I had so many social options ahead of me. When I woke up, the fact this actually hadn't happened was difficult to process. No, I did not call her, however. That page has turned.


Here is a set of musical lists.

One truly great song with "one" in the title:
  1. "One," by Johnny Cash [this version beats all others]
Two great songs with "two" in the title:
  1. "Two-Headed Boy," Neutral Milk Hotel
  2. "Two Little Hitlers," Elvis Costello
Three great songs, etc.:
  1. "Three Hundred Pounds Of Joy," Howlin' Wolf
  2. "Three Hits," Indigo Girls
  3. "Three Little Birds," Bob Marley
Four songs I like with ditto:
  1. "Tom Traubert's Blues (Four Sheets To The Wind In Copenhagen)," Tom Waits
  2. "Four Green Fields," Clancy Brothers
  3. "Four Leaf Clover," Old 97's with Exene Cervenka
  4. "Four Of Two," They Might Be Giants
And of course the five:
  1. "Five Years," David Bowie
  2. "5ive Gears In Reverse," Elvis Costello
  3. "Five O'Clock World," the Vogues
  4. "When I'm Five," David Bowie
  5. "5:15, " the Who

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