Saturday, May 06, 2006

Son of CAPE

Yesterday, I was going to post something ostensibly humorous about Cinco de Mayo, but what with working until 6:00 and Spooky coming over shortly afterwards, I didn't have time. I had fun with Spooky, though. We went to the bookstore, ate dinner at Second-Tier Romantic Italian Restaurant, and played a few video games at the Hangout, where we had a fun talk with the Friar and Mr. Hangout as well.

I am getting utterly sick of the Job and its unprofessionalism and the menial tasks I have to do. So much so that, even though I do need the money, I am very close to quitting without a safety net, just cutting loose and then looking for new employment. I tried to broach the subject of my deep dissatisfaction with Assistant Boss yesterday, but she just wasn't receptive or interested.

So as I'm stewing in self-pity and hating every second of the job, one of the parents comes in and hands me a want ad for a teaching position that she happened to see and thought of me! It's a sign. I definitely will look into it --- but I need to do more. Summer's coming up.


I went to CAPE 2 (Son of Cape), a comic expo here in town. I didn't get to talk to Scott Kurtz, creator of PvP --- he was going to lunch and I'd been there too long already --- but that's okay, as I got a sketch and signed book from him last year. This time, I bought the Villains United Special and had it signed by Gail Simone. She told me to watch out for the Secret Six series coming up. I also bought the first issue of El Gato Negro, and got it signed by its creator, Richard Dominguez. I talked to him about El Diablo, a short-lived DC character with similarities in tone to his own creation. And --- Carl Jung strikes again --- El Diablo shows up in the VU Special.

I also got Civil War #1, just because I enjoy collecting first issues, but also because a scene of some serious ass-kicking piqued my interest. (Not that I'll be buying or reading the rest of the series.)

Civil war, you say? Take sides!

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