Sunday, May 14, 2006

The vanishing

Okay, I've talked to Spooky a couple of times since she up and left without a word. I'm really in a daze. I have grown fond of her over the past three months, and if anything she told me was true, it's that she really liked me and wanted to be with me. I feel sorry for her mostly. MA is pissed as hell at her over the baby-sitting gig, but I just can't stir up any anger over the lies she told me. She has severe problems, and she needs to get on her feet in a variety of ways --- financial, emotional, spiritual. I don't know if I'll be a part of her life henceforth --- most likely not, but stranger things have happened --- but if I were, I'd try to get her head right before getting close to her at all. She needs to stop exaggerating about everything, lying about her job and her wealth and her importance. No one cares about that shit. Being a decent person is all that matters.

Man, and to think I almost had flowers sent to her place today for Mother's Day. Wouldn't that have been awkward.

I don't know what's true relating to her or what she told other people, but I really do wish her the best. She constructed a fragile web of lies (she didn't have a mastectomy, she doesn't seem to be a nurse at all, she doesn't get a lot of money from a trust fund, etc, etc) and she couldn't stop it from breaking apart when the rain of hardship really set in.

I'll miss the physical side of our relationship, that's for sure.


Anyway. For Dia de las Madres I took Mother to the same restaurant bar where I took her last year. Then, my Aunt and Ex were there as well. Bittersweet memories. The meal today was expensive and good.

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