Wednesday, May 03, 2006

More kidtalk

More kidtalk from The Job.

FW: "My daddy had a glass plate once, but it broke."

Me: "How did it break?"

FW: "He was holding it with meat on it and it fell."

CM, mishearing: "He had you on the plate?"

FW: "No! How could he have me on the plate when I'm still alive?!"

[general laughter from listening five-year-olds]

FW: "I'm not even cooked!"


Me, to CL as she's scribbling furiously away on a coloring sheet with a black marker: "Gee, that's a lot of black, there, CL! Now how about some color? ...What color do you like?"

CL: "Ummm... Black!" [continues scribbling away merrily]

Well, she sure showed me.


JH: "I fell down on the playground and cut my mouth and there was a lot of blood."

AV: "Was it good?"

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