Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Summer semester starts!

I'm taking one course this eight-week semester: Reading II. It meets twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday, and ostensibly runs from 6:00 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. However, because the professor is so infuriatingly boring (she talks endlessly without managing to say anything informative, tonight repeating herself and repeating the incredibly detailed information on the syllabus) that I pretty much have resigned myself to not getting out of there until 9:00. We have already formed groups --- our group will be doing a lesson plan on Authorial Voice.

The book, as usual, costs $100. Goddamn thieving collegiate bookseller industry.


On the lighter side... Over at the always superb Absorbascon, Scipio's got a theme going this week that has brought tears of laughter to my eyes:

"Never before or since has Batman exceeded this particular combination of looking like a total goober while acting like a total jackass."

As commenter Chawunky says, "No one told me I might one day see Batman going "Van Dort?...Van Dort...?" while wearing a helmet that Adam West's Batman would have rejected as overdone. Too fab."

It's a racing helmet --- with the Batman logo on it --- with pointy Bat-ears!

And that's just a small fraction of the hilarious "Bronze Age" lunacy found within.

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