Friday, September 22, 2006

Big-Ass Music Meme

Turnabout is fair play, so I took this meme from Samurai Frog. I don't have nearly his patience, so I cut some of the questions.

Name some great late night songs:
"Can't Run But," Paul Simon
"Highlands," Bob Dylan
"Perfect Day," Lou Reed
"Killing Moon," Echo & the Bunnymen

Name 5-10 wistful/bittersweet songs:
1. "Father And Son," Cat Stevens
2. "Girl from the North Country," Bob Dylan
3. "Redemption Song," Johnny Cash with Joe Strummer
4. "Can't Stand Me Now," the Libertines
5. "China," Greg Brown
6. "Boots Of Spanish Leather," Bob Dylan
7. "Wishlist," Pearl Jam
8. "Time," Tom Waits
9. "I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You," Tom Waits
10. "Things Behind the Sun," Nick Drake

The 4 Best Songs Ever Written:
1. "Good Vibrations," Beach Boys
2. "Like a Rolling Stone," Bob Dylan
3. "Tangled Up In Blues," Bob Dylan
4. "It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)," Bob Dylan

3 Current Favorite Songs:
1. "Thunder On the Mountain," Bob Dylan
2. "I Want To Make the World Turn Around," Steve Miller
3. "Highlands," Bob Dylan

Classic Early Evening Drinking Music:
"One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer," George Thorogood
"Jigsaw Puzzle," Rolling Stones

3 All Time Faves That Never Get Old To You
"Good Vibrations," Beach Boys
"American Music," Violent Femmes
"Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues," Bob Dylan

Song You Want (or did) To Play At Your Wedding:
"I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket," Ella Fitzgerald

4 Records You Really Dug from 2005:
I can only think of one: No Direction Home (Bootleg Series Vol. 7), Bob Dylan

Favorite Records From This Year So Far:
1. Modern Times, Bob Dylan
2. Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not, Arctic Monkeys
3. Rabbit Fur Coat, Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

While one is a masterpiece, one is very good and one is pleasant but average, those three are all the records from this year I own. I really don't buy a lot of new music.

Good Angry Songs:
"Positively 4th Street,"Bob Dylan
"Out Of Control," Rancid
"Rise Up," Pressure Point
"Screaming At the Wailing Wall," Flogging Molly
"Song For the Dumped," Ben Folds Five
"The Guns of Brixton," the Clash
"Fuck tha Police," N.W.A.
"California Uber Alles," Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
"Fight the Power," Public Enemy

One of Your Favorite Lyrics:
"I wish I was a lesbian and not a hetero. I wouldn't have to mess with men and all their come and go."
"IWIWAL," Loudon Wainwright III

5 Cover Songs Arguably Better Than the Original:
I don't know. Everyone always says "All Along the Watchtower" as done by Jimi Hendrix, but I of course prefer Bob's version; Jimi's pyrotechnics have never done anything for me. And covers other people revile or dismiss, like lounge covers of metal songs, or metal covers of easy listening sounds, I find endlessly interesting. I've got an album of covers by a goofy a capella called the Bobs that might send some hipper-than-thou rockers out of the room sniggering, and I love it. To me, the only bad cover is the one that just copies the original.

Ironic Song to Brutally Murder Someone to in a movie:
"Why Can't We Be Friends," War.

Great Dance Song You Maybe Never Realized Was a Great Dance song Back in the Day:
What day? Dance music? what?

Good Album to Clean the House To:
I wouldn't know. Ha! Oh, all right, let's say Indestructible by Rancid. Energizing.

Good Dining Music:
I'm not sure I understand what these questions are getting at. What is dining music? How about The Future by Leonard Cohen.

Good Album to Love On Each Other To:
The Heart of Saturday Night, Tom Waits
also, Graceland, Paul Simon

A Good Album to Put You In the Mood (that is NOT Sade, Marvin Gaye or Barry White):
Ten New Songs, Leonard Cohen. He's the white Jewish Buddhist poet folk rock Barry White.

Good Album To Sleep To:
Generally I can't sleep while music is on. If I had to... something classical, perhaps?

5 Good Rock Songs That You Can Dance To:
1. "Government Center," Jonathan Richman
2. "Road To Nowhere," Talking Heads
3. "This Kind Of Music," Jonathan Richman
4. "Rudie Can't Fail," the Clash
5. "Closing Time," Leonard Cohen

Song That Is Too Damn Sad:
"Time," Tom Waits

Great Love Song:
"Wished For You," Squirrel Nut Zippers

Song To An Ex That Isn’t Mean-Spirited:
I don't care to know any.

Song To An Ex That Is Kinda Meanspirited:
"Think For Yourself," the Beatles

Song to Listen to While in the Country Looking at Stars:
"Starman," David Bowie

Song to lose your Mind to:
“Suite-Pee," System of a Down

Song To Cry In Your Pillow to:
"Meter Shower," Rhett Miller. "I cannot make light, I'm so burned out. I know where you are. I cannot believe how much it hurts. I'm a falling star."

Songs That Make You Feel Amped and Inspired:
Almost every Rancid song

Great Semi-Obscure B-side:
"Blind Willie McTell," Bob Dylan

Criminally Underrated Band That Didn’t Get Attention and Then Broke Up:
The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
The Low & Sweet Orchestra

Best Screw You I Am a Teenager in Pain Song:
"Longview," Green Day
"Mental," eels

Feel No Shame, Great Current Pop Songs:
I don't know any.

Album No One Would Expect You To Love:
I have very broad taste.

Emo Album You Actually Like:
I don't know what that emo shit is and don't care. S-frog wrote a paragraph explaining what emo was in his answer, but my eyes glazed over after four words and I deleted it.

Good, But Overrated Cause Of Indie Revisionism:
I also have no idea what the hell indie refers to anymore.

5 Desert Island Discs off the top of your head (30 sec clock):
1. Rain Dogs, Tom Waits
2. Blood On the Tracks, Bob Dylan
3. Modern Times, Bob Dylan
4. Bringing It All Back Home, Bob Dylan
5. And Out Come the Wolves, Rancid

3 Contemporary Artists That Were Your Faves 10 Years Ago:
Bob Dylan, They Might Be Giants, Steve Wynn

Fave Electronic Record You Own:
Don't have any.

Hip-Hop Song You Know All the Lyrics To:
"Without Me," Eminem

Random Album You Loved In High School But Are Afraid To Admit It:
Oh no! People will laugh if I say I like Steve Miller or Don Henley or some un-cool guy! Actually, my appreciation for those two artists is rather new. In high school was too "cool" to like them. Sometimes it takes a man to get a man's music. I've come to love lots of atists I was too much of a stuck up prig to listen to in high school, like Echo & the Bunnymen, the Cure, the Smiths, and so on. In fact, the only artists I'd say I liked a lot in high school and now like less is the Grateful Dead. But I'm certainly not "afraid" to say I liked, or like, any music.

Album You May Have Listened To More In High School than Any Other Album:
Greatest Hits, Bob Dylan

If You Could Enter A Wrestling Ring to a Song It Would Be:
"Bloodclot," Rancid. "My guns are blazin'! I can see 360! I can see all around me! I'm a bad motherfucker! So don't you even bother!"

Album To Clear A Room With:
One time I played Another Side Of Bob Dylan and my roommate in college fled my room from the sheer awfulness of it to his stupid hick inbred ears. However, I would say most people would not appreciate Daniel Johnston's music. Or for the older generation, just toss a little black metal like Deicide on the stereo and that room will be empty. Totally empty, because I'll get out too. Deicide sucks.

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