Friday, September 29, 2006

Veracity is the heart of morality

At the Hangout tonight, the wife of an acquaintance came by the bar and asked everyone where her husband was. She had been crying. The bartender said he had left , saying he'd be back in fifteen minutes, "but that was three hours ago." Everyone there, including the wife, knew that the guy was with Waitress W. She's infatuated with him, and he lets her worship him, and sleeps with her, and stays married to his wife. It's a sad situation all around. Later, Waitress W and the guy came back, and he left with his wife. There was no scene. There was no need for one; I'm sure it had all been said and thought before.

The thing is, the guy is smart and pleasant to be around; he's a nice guy. I've laughed and joked with him, and I really appreciate and respect his extensive knowledge of film.

But someone who goes around causing pain to the people who love him, and won't stop... That's not a very moral person, is it? Maybe not such a nice guy.

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