Sunday, February 18, 2007

2007 CD project: 7/52

The seventh compact disc of the year:

A tribute compilation: Sing Hollies In Reverse.

Total cost: $6.08 (cheap)!

Total enjoyment: fair to middling. Nothing earth-shattering here, though Steve Wynn's sort of menacing "The Air That I Breathe" makes the disc worth at least what I paid for it, anyway. And E (of the eels) does a typically mopey "Jennifer Eccles," a reworking which fits well. Everything else, like Material Issue's "Bus Stop" or The Loud Family's "Look Through Any Window," while which pleasant listening, is pretty much filler.

It's probably very difficult to find a comfortable middle ground between paying blind homage to a song and putting so much of a new spin on it that you totally miss the point. So good job to anyone who tries to tackle a cover of a classic and doesn't totally fall of his face, I guess.

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